Tuesday, June 10, 2014

time capsule

My time capsule reflects me because of the things I put in it. I put  my favorite songs and singers in my box because I know I probably will not have the same favorite song when I open the box. Two of my favorite songs I put in my box is the song Rude and Summertime Sadness. I also put a pages from my favorite stores which are Garage and American Eagle because in the future they may not still be called that or may not exist. I put a ticket form a concert I went to it was the first time I went to a meet and greet the name of the group was Emblem 3. I also included my favorite plant in my time capsule it is called a bleeding heart plant.

                                                        top                                    bottom
side                              side

1 comment:

  1. The outside decorations on your time capsule are awesome. It was fun sitting at a table with you this year . :)