Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our collection does say something about the times we live in. All the items are a collection of things that mean something to each of us or something we may have had for years. The collection does say somthing about our interests.  For example someone who brought a pen or a pencil it could mean they are interested in writing and someone that brought nail polish could mean they are interested in painting nails. The beliefs of this collection could be creativity or what the personal meaning may be to someones  items . Portia Munson's collections of colors probably had more of a meaning behind it then just a bunch of colored items.

                                                       Portia Munsons blue collection

                                                              our class collection

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

pride vs possession

The difference between hoarding and collecting is....collecting is something that people do when things mean something to them for instance if you collect Art you may get a piece of art from every artist that inspires you . Hoarding is when people keep or have things just to have or just to keep for instance hoarders might keep everything or any object no matter of its value or regard of the consequence.

                                                                  collecting art


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bicycle vs Candy Jar

            Drawing and shading in colored pencil and drawing and shading in graphite pencil were completely different! My bike drawing was done in graphite pencil. It was easy to do because I could show where parts of the bike had light shining on it. I could also show the shadow parts of the bike easier. The hardest part was trying  to make the bike look like metal instead of just a plain bike. The candy jar drawing was fun with all the different colors and having a colored piece of paper instead of a plain white sheet of paper. On the candy jar since the paper was already colored it was harder to show where the light shined on the jar. Making the jar  look like glass and making the candy look like it was in the jar was harder.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Candy Jar

    Drawing the candy jar was fun to draw because it had lots of color! Drawing with colored pencils was difficult at times like. Especially when you had to make the jar look like glass and the candy look like it is in the jar and not floating. The process of the candy jar was easier at times then others because drawing the jar and the lid were sort of difficult because I needed to make the jar look real size and the lid look like a lid on the jar not just the top of the jar.

Bicycle Drawing

       My bike process started by looking at a bike and trying to draw it. Then after the practice drawing I started all over and I drew a bike that filled the page and it looked more like the bike that was infront of me, then the bike I saw in my head! The bike was fun to draw other then trying to draw parts of the bike in proportion. Shadeing the bike was difficult at times because you had to find where the light shined on the bike and had to make the bike look more three dimentional then just a flat drawing!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello!!!! Welcome to my blog!!!! I am really excited not only for me to see my art work but for others too!!!! I have never done a blog before but I excited to try it!!!! This is my first year of high school so it is my first year of art but I am ready to try new things and to get creative.