Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fortune Cookie Inspired Book Page

The fortune cookie project was sort of difficult to start. I was not sure what to do with my piece of art. When I started with the colors I thought about colors that remind me of fortune cookies and where they come from and where they were made. On the back of the fortune cookie there is writing and on the back of one of my  fortune cookies the writing meant "to teach" and I put that writing on my art piece. I got my ideas from what I was given by putting smiley faces on my work.  I put them there because on every fortune cookie there is two smiley faces. I also used the writing as a big piece of art.

Art x 3

This art project was different because it was not just my work but two other people contributed to my work. When I started with the first piece of paper I liked my work and did not want to give it away. When contributing to an art piece that was already started and not mine to finish was kind of difficult. It was difficult to know what to do with it and I didn't want to put a lot on the art piece so that the other person who gets the piece does not have anything to do to the piece of art. I like my final piece because I could finish anyway I wanted and still stay with the theme that the other two people started for me. I learned that more then one person working on a piece of art can turn a

piece of art into a master piece.

Pop Print

This project was fun! I picked my item because I liked the way it looked and it stood out to me the most. Carving the stamp was difficult at times but easy at other times. I especially liked printing because printing in all the different colors and putting the stamp in different orders and layers made the art colorful and a lot  more interesting to look at.