Tuesday, June 10, 2014

reflection post

This year when I started the year I thought that art was going to be difficult because I am not good at drawing. Once we learned what we were going to do I found that we were going to do more then just drawing. Yes, we drew but we learned about the all the different pencils to make it look more three dimensional and make it look more then a flat drawing. We used color colored  pencils which made it easier to draw. Then the picture, your drawing, looks more then a flat drawing. It makes you want to draw more. My favorite part was the clay because I liked making an art piece that was whatever I wanted.  My other favorite part of this year was putting the book together. It was hard but it was cool when the book was all done and the colors came together and the stitching looked cool. I learned how to bind a book which was cool  but hard to do. I like learning new ways to improve my art and I look forward  learning more in the future.

time capsule

My time capsule reflects me because of the things I put in it. I put  my favorite songs and singers in my box because I know I probably will not have the same favorite song when I open the box. Two of my favorite songs I put in my box is the song Rude and Summertime Sadness. I also put a pages from my favorite stores which are Garage and American Eagle because in the future they may not still be called that or may not exist. I put a ticket form a concert I went to it was the first time I went to a meet and greet the name of the group was Emblem 3. I also included my favorite plant in my time capsule it is called a bleeding heart plant.

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