Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Summer Time: story

Late nights with friends, days at the beach, hot sunny days, family vacations, tans, shorts, flip-flops, tank tops and T-shirts is the best time of year. The summer is my favorite time of year to spend with friends and family to go to the beach, to sleep in, to swim, off to the board walk. Over the summer is the time for me to do what I want and do  my own thing and have a lot of fun. Late summer nights with friends is the best because we go late night swimming, walk and get ice cream, and hangout till we have to go home. My friends and I go shopping a lot over the summer and my family and I go on vacations to Illinois, Florida and all the different shores. My favorite is going to the beach to feel the sand on my feet, to find sea shells and to feel the cold water on my feet. I love summer time, a time to let loose, a time to have fun.

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  1. I love your box it's very positive and up lifting